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You will be surprised to know some interesting things about sharks

Biodiversity requires conservation of sharks

Sharks roam the seas around the world. Some sharks have an average life span of 30 years and some species live more than 100 years. Recently, a 272-year-old Greenland shark was discovered. Their other characteristic is distinctly sharp-edged teeth. The second characteristic of this wonderful creature is its electrical sensitivity. Sharks are considered one of the oldest species on Earth.

Some Interesting Facts About Sharks

Sharks don’t have bones.
Most sharks have good lighting. 
Sharks have special electroreceptor organs. 
Most sharks have an ability to pump water through their gills It has to keep swimming in order to keep swimming. 
Different species of sharks reproduce in different ways.
There are both egg-laying and live-bearing species.
Frimless sharks Pregnancy lasts 3.5 years. 
Bamboo sharks can’t actually swim. 

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