WHO Approves Sinovac Vaccine, China’s Second Kovid-19 Vaccine Approved

WHO Approves Sinovac Vaccine, China’s Second Kovid-19 Vaccine Approved

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Monday approved the Kovid-19 vaccine prepared by Sinovac Biotech for emergency use. This is the second vaccine made in China that has been allowed to be used by the WHO. This statement was issued by the World Health Body on Tuesday. Earlier, the WHO had given permission for the emergency use of the Sinoform vaccine made in Russia.

The WHO emergency list is a signal to national regulators on the safety and efficacy of the product. It also allows vaccination programs run under Kovax in poor countries around the world, which are facing supply shortages due to India halting exports of the vaccine.

In a statement, the Independent Panel of Experts said that the Sinovac vaccine is recommended for people above 18 years of age with a second dose in 2-4 weeks. Based on the data no upper age limit has been given, making it clear that it is effective in elderly people as well.

WHO has approved the emergency use of Moderna’s vaccine against Kovid-19. Apart from this American vaccine manufacturer, so far AstraZeneca, Pfizer-BioNtech and Johnson & Johnson and Sinoform vaccines have received emergency use approval from WHO.

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