Mehul Choksi admitted to Domenica’s hospital after Corona test

Mehul Choksi admitted to Domenica’s hospital after Corona test

India’s fugitive diamond businessman Mehul Choksi’s corona test has come negative. But he is kept in the hospital amid heavy police security. Where he is allowed to meet only his lawyers. ABP News has received this information from local sources.

Choksi was removed from the police cell a day earlier and taken to the Government Quarantine Faculty in Domenica’s Portsmouth. Choksi’s lawyers claim that he has been kidnapped and brought to Domenica from Antigua. During this, he was also beaten up. Injury marks on Mehul’s body were also seen in his pictures in the past. In this case, Mehul’s lawyers and the government side have to file an affidavit by June 1. After which the issue will be heard in open court on 2 June.

Before the case reached the court, Domenica Sarkar was preparing to send Mehmeul back to Antigua. At the same time, Antigua Prime Minister Geston Brown has said many times that instead of sending Choksi back, the Domenica government should hand him over to India where he is wanted.

In the hearing held on May 28, the court had asked Mehul to remain in Domenica till the completion of the hearing and send him to Domenica-China Friendship Hospital for medical needs. On this matter, any party was banned from making media statements.

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