H10N3 bird flu exposes first case of human infection in China, know about strain

H10N3 bird flu exposes first case of human infection in China, know about strain

The first case of human infection with the H10N3 strain of bird flu has been reported in China. The National Health Commission confirmed that the infected 41-year-old male is a resident of Xinjiang city. The H10N3 strain of avian influenza virus was detected in the patient on May 28. However, the condition of the patient is said to be stable and there is a possibility of being discharged from the hospital soon. At present, health officials have started searching for people who came in contact with the infected person.

First case of infection with H10N3 strain of bird flu in China

He downplayed the outbreak, saying that transmission of the virus from poultry to humans is a sporadic case and the risk of causing an epidemic is extremely low. However, the National Health Commission did not give information about how this person got hit by the virus. Bird flu is a viral infection, also called avian influenza, and there are many strains of it. The National Health Commission said in a statement that no cases of human infection from the H10N3 strain had been previously reported worldwide.

Officials told very little about the reason for becoming an epidemic

H10N3 is less pathogenic or has a relatively less severe strain of virus in poultry and has a much lower risk of spreading on a larger scale. Many different strains of avian influenza are found in China, and some have been intermittently infecting people, especially those working with poultry. There has been no significant number of human infections from bird flu since the H7N9 strain that caused nearly 300 deaths between 2016-2017.

Bird flu is a contagious disease caused by the influenza type A virus. Its virus is usually found in chicken, pigeon and birds. Many strains of influenza virus such as H5N1, H7N3, H7N7, H7N9 and H9N2 are there. Some of them are mild while some are more contagious, and this increases the risk of death of birds on a large scale.

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