China and South East Asia will be new hot spots of corona virus, scientists claim in new study

China and South East Asia will be new hot spots of corona virus, scientists claim in new study

New York: The corona pandemic has shaken the whole world. Due to this, while the global economy got derailed, on the other hand the death of millions of people shook the people badly. Meanwhile, what has come out in the new study about Corona is very shocking. According to this, the corona virus in China, Japan, the Philippines and Thailand can turn into favorable hot spots for bats, from where the corona spreads to humans. The conditions in these places can be ripe for disease from bats to humans.

The study, published in the journal Nature Food, showed that this is due to global land-use changes, including forest fragmentation, agricultural expansion and livestock-focused production. Currently most of the hot spots are clustered in China, where increasing demands for meat have led to the expansion of its large-scale production, industrial livestock farming.

In addition, parts of Japan, the northern Philippines and China’s south of Shanghai are also at risk of becoming hot spots due to forest fragmentation, according to a team of researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, the Polytechnic University of Milan and New Zealand’s Massey University. Whereas in parts of Indo-China and Thailand, the infection may turn into hot spots with increased livestock production.

Paole D’Dorico, professor of environmental science, policy and management at UC Berkeley, said: “Changes in land use have a significant impact on human health in two ways. The first is that we are changing the environment. Along with this, it can increase the risk of spreading wildlife diseases.

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