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Wheels of Uttarakhand roadways buses will stop from midnight tonight, know the reason

Dehradun. The wheels of roadways are going to stop once again in Uttarakhand. The reason for this is the displeasure of the roadways employees. In fact, the employees of the Transport Corporation, angry over the non-acceptance of the demands, have decided to go on boycott. There is a demand of the employees that permanent solution should be found for their problems.

Actually, there is a lot of displeasure among the employees due to non-payment of salaries of the employees in the loss-making Uttarakhand Transport Corporation since the beginning. In the cabinet meeting held today, the Roadways Employees Council has announced a boycott from the midnight of July 14 and the Uttaranchal Roadways Employees Union from midnight of July 15, due to no decision being taken for the employees of the Transport Corporation. In such a situation, from the morning of July 16, the wheels of buses in the entire state will stop completely.

Annoyed with the consent to be given half salary
Employees in Uttarakhand Transport Corporation have not received salary for the last 5 months. In the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Transport Corporation, the workers have expressed their displeasure after the proposal to give half salary to all the employees was agreed. The demands of the employees of the Transport Corporation are – full salary, regularization of contract workers, permanent solution to the problems of the Transport Corporation.

passengers will have trouble
After the Corona period, the operation of buses outside the state started after two months, but again after the announcement of the boycott, the wheels of the buses would stop. In such a situation, the problem is going to start again for the passengers. On the one hand, the Transport Corporation is in loss, while the corporation is incurring further losses due to the repeated announcements of the employees.

Union bet dominates the transport corporation
Roadways Employees Council from midnight tonight and Uttaranchal Roadways Employees Union are going on strike from midnight on 15th July. In the past too many times solidarity has not been seen among the employees. One of the major reasons for this is that there is no consensus on their demands. At present, there are different unions in the Transport Corporation. These unions also have their own demands and the timing of going on a work boycott is also different. In such a situation, due to the dominance of the union bet, the government is also unable to come to an agreement on their demands.

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