Uttarakhand: Government decree became trouble for disaster victims, pleaded with DM

Uttarakhand: Government decree became trouble for disaster victims, pleaded with DM

Pauri: In this period of monsoon season in Pauri, the clouds of great crisis are hovering over those disaster-affected people whose buildings were completely razed to the ground in the last rain. For a few years, the district administration gave shelter to such disaster-affected people to stay in vacant government buildings, but now they are being given notices to vacate the buildings during the monsoon period. 

Trouble making notice

Now the people affected by this notice are getting worried every day that, in this rainy period, where should they stay at last? A similar family in Pauri district is also facing this formidable crisis these days, who could not even get compensation for the disaster and now notices are being given to the affected by the District Panchayat Department to vacate the building found in disaster relief. At the same time, the concerned department has sent a letter to the police asking them to get the building vacated at the earliest. So that the affected can be removed from the old building of the District Panchayat very soon. At the same time, the disaster-affected families are now asking the District Magistrate for an extension of 6 months to vacate the building. At the same time, the District Magistrate said that only for the prescribed limit, the affected are kept in the buildings under the disaster standards.

The District Magistrate gave the reason

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