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The public of the bribery CO caused trouble, wore a garland of notes before the transfer, held hostage for hours

Vaishali: A strange case has come to the fore in Vaishali district of Bihar. The matter is of district headquarters Hajipur, where the public has fiercely insulted the bribery circle officer. After the transfer, Akshay Pratap, the CO of Raghopur, who reached the restaurant to party with his colleagues, was dragged out of the restaurant by some local people and then he was fiercely ridiculed on the middle road. Now the video of the divisional officer’s trouble is going viral on social media.

officials had come to the party

It is to be known that at the end of June, officers have been transferred on a large scale in every department of the state. More than 200 circle officers have been transferred. In such a situation, before taking over the new place, Raghopur CO went to party with about 60 to 70 people at a restaurant located in Anwarpur, Hajipur. There was a pleasant atmosphere. Then some people who were angry with the working style of the Circle Officer came there and dragged them out.

hours held hostage

During this, the people who came to intervene were pushed aside by the crowd. At the same time, the CO was forcibly made to sit on the roadside chair. After sitting, people told him a lot of lies. However, the situation worsened when the mob forcibly made the CO wear a garland of notes. Seeing this, the CO started running away. But people caught him and put a necklace around his neck.

In fact, the CO was accused of erring in the work of land filing-rejection. Angered by this, people carried out this incident. However, the CO, who came out of the crowd after a lot of trouble, told that the paper of the concerned land has been cut on the orders of DCLR, it is not their fault in this.

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