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School students made a unique dustbin, will destroy the used mask in this way

Unique Dustbin made by Students in Varanasi: School students of Varanasi have made Kovid 19 Killing Mask Dustbin. This dustbin is not only useful to the public but will also protect people from Corona.

Features of Kovid 19 Killing Dustbin

Often you must have seen people taking off masks and throwing people on the shore or in such dustbins, which increases the risk of corona. If a person removes the mask from the dustbin, then he is also afraid of infection. But this dustbin is special. There is a sensor in the electronic dustbin, if someone goes near it, it opens itself. In this, the electronic device is fitted in the shape of a heater. If you put a mask in it, it will turn on itself and consume the mask.

The height of this dustbin made of metal sheet is 3 feet. The upper part has a sensor-covered lid, which opens on its own. As soon as the useless mask is put on, the lid will close and the heater will turn on, due to which the mask will burn within seconds.

Invention of Trustable Competent School Children

It is said that children take care of the smallest things. School students Ayush and Reshma noticed carelessness during the second wave of Corona and the two interacted before they decided to build a modern dustbin. Then hard work paid off and prepared this dustbin. In which 200 masks can be destroyed at a time.

The need of covid times
Unique inventions are needed under Make in India. There is a possibility of a third wave and the use of two children of Varanasi will protect you without touching it.

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