Operation Khukri: Book written on ‘Operation Khukri’ to be released on July 15, read abp report

Operation Khukri: Book written on ‘Operation Khukri’ to be released on July 15, read abp report

Patna: The Indian Army’s ‘Operation Khukri’ by Major General Rajpal Punia and his daughter Damini Punia. The book written on the book will be released on July 15 in Patna by Bihar Governor Fagu Chauhan and West West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankar. Earlier, ABP News had a special conversation with Rajpal Punia and his daughter Damini Punia.

Rajpal Punia said that this victory has happened because of the passion of the soldiers of India. For the soldier of India, the uniform is his religion and the weapon is God. Terrorists were asking for our God from us. He wanted us to lay down our arms. I tried very hard to explain them. Said that it is not possible to lay down arms, whatever way you say, we are ready for peace, but the way of laying arms is probably not acceptable to a soldier. In 75 days in the possession of rebel organizations there  Till date 223 Indian soldiers who were held hostage were run to rescue them. Major General Punia has brought alive the indomitable courage and valor of the Indian soldiers in the most difficult conditions on foreign soil for so many days in his book.

There were 75 days of struggle, Did not know whether we would see the next morning or not

Referring further, General Punia said that every day was different in itself. Those were 75 days of struggle. We are inside a circle and terrorists have surrounded us from outside. It was not even known whether we would see the next morning or not. Taking 75 days was a challenge in itself. When you have nothing to eat and it is necessary to stay alive, maybe tomorrow you have to fight, then it is necessary to be alive for this. This is the reason that when a man comes out of such a situation, can grass eat anything to stay alive and fight.

We were fighting for the pride of the country and the tricolor: Rajpal Punia< /strong>

Referring to Maharana Pratap, Punia said, “I belong to the land of Maharana Pratap. I will only say that Maharana Pratap was a great warrior. We might not be able to stand ourselves against them but we were fighting for the pride of our country and the tricolor. It is said that the tricolor is applied on our chest and it is applied when a person is martyred. If someone goes on foreign duty to illuminate the name of India, then he is also awarded with the tricolor. Every day when we feel the tricolor on our chest, nothing would be more motivational than this.

It was difficult to write down the incident with father: Damini Punia

Damini Punia, daughter of Rajpal Punia, said that when the operation was done in 2000, I had asked many questions to my father. Even living in a house, I got to know in 2020 that my father has been taken hostage. In the book for 10 days when we started writing my father’s expressions when he told how he felt. He had told whether he would know whether he would be able to meet his children or not. That thing was very difficult for a child to write. It seems to me that there is motivation in the uniform itself. They get motivation from the uniform itself, from this they also get strength. This story should also come on screen because there are people who read books in India but the amount of exposure a film can give cannot be found in anything else

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