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Noida Police will be hi-tech, will be monitored by CCTV cameras everywhere, budget of 132 crores passed

Budget Passed For CCTV: Now the Noida Police Administration will keep a close watch with CCTV cameras. From Jewar to Lalkuan and from Dadri to Noida Sector 14A, all the areas will now be under third eye. At least 20 cameras will now be installed in every police station or place. A budget of Rs 132 crore has been passed for CCTV cameras.

At least 20 places have been identified in all the police station areas of Noida and Greater Noida for CCTV cameras. These cameras will be installed in those places where there is a lot of movement of people. Or the areas where criminals commit the most criminal offenses. For this, a survey was also conducted by the Noida Police.

Police Commissioner Alok Singh said that a survey was conducted to install the cameras. This is the reason why the police do not want to leave any area of ​​Noida through this mission where most of the criminal incidents take place.

The police used to face the most problem in rural areas because criminals used to get away very easily after committing crimes. The police did not have any evidence to nab the miscreants, but now with the installation of these cameras in rural areas, not only people with criminal tendencies can be monitored but their every movement will also be imprisoned.

Police officers say that they were active in the past to prevent criminal incidents and are active even today, but after the installation of CCTV cameras, the use of muscle power of the police will be reduced. Along with this, the police will be able to keep an eye on criminal incidents in a modern way.

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