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Farmers crossing the overflowing river with the help of a wooden bridge, the district administration alert

Moradabad: The effect of heavy rains on the mountains of Uttarakhand is clearly visible in the plains of western Uttar Pradesh as well. In Moradabad, the water of heavy rain falling on the mountains has reached Gangan, Ramganga, Kosi river. Due to excessive water, the Gangan river has come to its full height.

The villagers had built a wooden bridge on the Gangan river to reach the fields. Now that wooden bridge also seems to be completely submerged in water. According to the Meteorological Department, there is a possibility of heavy rain on the mountains for the coming days. Because of this, due to the increase in the water in the rivers, they have come on a boom. The officials of the flood division are also constantly warning the farmers that they should not cross the rivers or use kutcha bridges.

In fact, the effect of the continuous rain on the mountains is now visible in the rivers too, but crossing these rivers, the farmers have to come and go to their fields daily. For which they have built wooden bridges on the rivers, but now due to the increasing water in the rivers, these bridges are also seen drowning, but the villagers are still putting their lives in danger by using these bridges.

It has been appealed many times by the district administration to the villagers not to cross the rivers risking their lives, Subhash Chandra, Assistant Executive Engineer of Moradabad’s Flood Division, says that they should separate together with the employees of the Revenue Department. At different places at different times, they go to the villages situated on the banks of the rivers and alert the farmers living there.

They say that farmers come and go to their fields by crossing the rivers, when the water comes in the rivers, they cross the rivers by riding on a bridge made of raw wood or on a buffalo buggy. We continuously issue warnings to those farmers that they should not do this, but in spite of that, if the farmers cross the rivers even after the warning is issued, then they inform the police about the lekhpal of the area.

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