Fake death certificate rebuilt to grab land, rightful owner pleading for justice

Fake death certificate rebuilt to grab land, rightful owner pleading for justice

Fake Death Certificate case in Basti: The greed for land killed a man twice on paper and took the property in his name in his name. This surprising case has been seen in Unchagaon of Basti district. Where a fraudster took the land in his name by making a fake death certificate of his own grandfather Nate, while the land which Shailendra has made in his name by putting a fake death certificate of his grandfather, someone else is entitled to that land and those people are For 6 years, to fight for their rights, they are forced to make rounds of government offices. But there is a government file that does not move forward.

fraud done like this

The complainant Ramanand told that the person named Nate died in 1994, whose evidence is recorded in the government records. After this, the grandsons of the deceased Nate, Shailendra and Pramod, together with the village secretary Chandra Shekhar, again made a death certificate in 2001. On which basis Shailendra got many bighas of land in his name. When Ramanand of the village came to know that someone else had taken away the land of his right, he started taking information, then it was found that only that page has been torn from the death register, on which Nate died. was the 1994 proof. By tearing that page, Nate’s death was shown to be in 2001, meaning Secretary Chandrashekhar, flouting all the rules, got greedy and issued the death certificate illegally.

officers are also ignoring

The complainant Ramanand has been wandering for justice in this matter since 2016. In 2020, on the orders of the DM, ADM Sukhbir Singh investigated and sent a report to the ADM, stamped the forgery of Shailendra and the secretary in the report and confirmed that both of them together tampered with Nate’s death certificate. Actually, Nate’s death happened before 1994, but to make a fake will, Nate’s death was shown in 2001 and issued in 2015, which is completely wrong. On the basis of the report of the SDM, the ADM wrote a letter to the DPRO to take action against the culprits and rectify the death certificate, on which no action has been taken till date. The action file was suppressed in the DPRO’s office. Feeling tired, Ramanand appealed to the commissioner of the division, Anil Kumar Sagar, for justice, on which the commissioner has summoned the file. Despite this, the consummate babus still did not follow the orders of the commissioner and did not send the file of action.

The officers are not even listening to the commissioner

Now the question arises that, why is the DPRO trying to save the culprits, the secretary played such a big game in the death certificate of a person, whose report was given by a magistrate, then efforts are being made to save him. The death register whose page was torn is also not being corrected, so how can we expect the officials in Uttar Pradesh to act on wrongdoings, when even after being told by a magistrate, till today the guilty If you are not able to muster the courage to take action against such officers, then it will be meaningless to expect justice from such officers.

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