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Buxar: The water of the Ganges has increased anxiety, people are afraid of taking a bath; sprinkling water in the name of reverence

Buxar: A few days ago, many bodies were found from the Ganges at Chausa in Buxar and other ghats. Now these days, seeing the colors of water in the Ganges, the discussion is in full swing that the infection has spread in it too. However, after this fact came to the fore in the beginning, the water sample has been sent for examination, whose report is to come.

In this regard, Amarnath Pandey, a priest of the local temple, said that people are now sprinkling water only with reverence. They are worried about the fear of infection. Rakesh Singh, a resident of Chausa, told that he has been watching the Ganges river for the last 22 years, but the water of the Ganges like this had never happened before.

Water sample was taken from Ganga in the past

In fact, when many dead bodies had come from UP, in the meantime, after the corona virus was found in the sewage water of Lucknow, it became clear that the virus can remain in water and can remain alive for eternity. Keeping this in mind, the Bihar State Pollution Board officials had collected water samples about ten days ago to check the purity.

Water testing being done in Lucknow’s laboratory

Samples were also taken from different Ganga Ghats of Buxar as well as from Bhojpur and Patna. After this, the samples of all these Ganga water have been sent to the laboratory in Lucknow for examination. From this, it will be found out that if the dead body of a person has been shed in the Ganges after the deaths during the Corona period, then whether the water has been contaminated by it, or is there any other reason for the water being contaminated.

Let us tell you that a large number of people had flown dead bodies in the Ganges river in the past. After this, the administrative officials took out the dead bodies and buried them. During this, after a lot of uproar, strict instructions were given not to allow the dead bodies to flow into the Ganges.

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