Before reaching Jantar Mantar, farmers had a mild tussle with the police, know what Yogendra Yadav said?

Before reaching Jantar Mantar, farmers had a mild tussle with the police, know what Yogendra Yadav said?

Farmers Protest: Farmers are protesting at Jantar Mantar against the agriculture laws of the Centre. In view of the performance of the farmers, elaborate security arrangements have been made. Farmers have reached Jantar Mantar in five buses from the Indus border. However, before reaching Jantar Mantar, the farmers also clashed with the police. In fact, as soon as the farmers’ bus entered Delhi, the Delhi Police stopped all the buses. The ID cards of the farmers sitting in the buses were checked. The police gave strict instructions to the farmer leaders that an incident like 26 January should not be repeated. At the same time, the farmers alleged that the Delhi Police is not letting them go on time, delaying them so that they cannot reach Jantar Mantar on their own time.

These farmers were led by the National Spokesperson of Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) Rakesh Tikait and Yogendra Yadav along with office bearers of United Kisan Morcha. Rakesh Tikait and Yogendra Yadav interacted with the Delhi Police officials and after a lot of struggle, in the end, the Delhi Police took the farmers to Jantar Mantar amidst their security cordon.

What did Yogendra Yadav say?
Yogendra Yadav told that when the police has checked these buses twice and the farmers who are going to join this movement, then what is the point of checking them for the third time. Yogendra Yadav said that whatever route plan we have and our preparation, we will go on that route only. Every farmer of ours has his ID card. The information of all the members has been given to the Delhi Police before leaving. If any miscreant enters in the midst of our farmers or some anarchy spreads, then the responsibility of the Delhi Police will be on the farmers or not the farmers’ leaders.

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