Aligarh liquor scandal: MP Satish Gautam opened front against district administration, said – will not let any innocent get trapped

Aligarh liquor scandal: MP Satish Gautam opened front against district administration, said – will not let any innocent get trapped

Agra: Aligarh MP Satish Gautam on the Poisonous Liquor Case said that the officers should clarify about the arrest of the accused on the Poisonous Liquor Case. He said that he will not allow any innocent businessman to be caught wrong in the liquor scandal nor will he be caught. In this whole incident, the district administration wants to save its neck, while I will not let the administration escape under any circumstances.

Officers should be sent to jail first
Satish Gautam said that the administration is guilty in this case and the officials of Excise Department should be sent to jail first. No innocent will be allowed to go to jail. DM is also responsible for this scandal because all this corruption is happening under DM’s nose, which he is also aware of. The Excise Department is also in collusion with the makers of poisonous liquor.

no one will be spared
MP Satish Gautam said that till now no action has been taken against the Excise Department nor has he been sent to jail. Whereas after being suspended, the officials of the Excise Department are roaming freely to save their necks. In this case, no one will “be spared” no matter whether they are alcohol mafia or anyone. The MP said that there is a strict instruction and order of UP CM Yogi Adityanath, full true action will be taken in this case. There will be milk of milk and water of water.

DM are responsible
MP Satish Gautam said that he had called the jurisdictional officer regarding the arrest of people in the spurious liquor scandal. In which the officer clearly stated that the person living in his own apartment is a very gentleman. You should investigate them, but no one should be forcibly implicated innocent. Because, along with the factory in their own lock city, they also belong to the old industry along with the old landlord and an old family family. It will not be allowed to happen that whoever the DM wants or the Excise Department wants, will implicate anyone. I will not implicate anyone like this. First of all, the DM is responsible, and get the DM investigation done by the Excise Department.

Mental harassment will not be tolerated
Satish Gautam said that the whole matter is a matter of investigation, the operators operating the factory will show the documents of their operated factory. In such a situation, if the documents are not able to show the factory owner, then the administration will then take its action. But, in such a situation, mental harassment of anyone will not be tolerated. The factory owner should give time to show the documents, they will provide the data of their factory to the administration. The administration should deploy police in the factory, during the investigation no one will go inside the factory nor will anyone go out of the factory. But, it is not right to accuse a trader in such a situation, it will not be tolerated at all.

Work is being done to change the direction of liquor scandal
The MP told that the CO investigating him was told that no one should be harassed in this case without investigation. First he should be investigated, after the investigation, if the officer says he is guilty then he should be arrested. But, to save himself, he has already done the work of misleading by making up his mind, only changing the direction of investigation to the other side. Only and only work is being done to change the direction of this incident.

There is complicity of the Excise Department
FIR should be lodged against Excise Officer Dheeraj Sharma in Aligarh itself and a case should be registered in the police station and he should be kept behind the bars of jail. The racket of making spurious liquor cannot run without the connivance of the Excise Department. In such a situation, they are catching the mafia, so why are they not catching them? An FIR should be filed after arresting them. Because, without their will, the business of making fake liquor cannot run.

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