Big change in World Test Championship, now you will get so many points for every match

Big change in World Test Championship, now you will get so many points for every match

World Test Championship: The International Cricket Council has announced major changes in the World Test Championship. After the ICC changes, 12 points will be awarded for a win in the WTC, four points for a draw and six points for a tie. Along with this, the ICC has announced that the World Test Championship will start again with the five-Test series to be played between India and England.

The ICC had already indicated changes to the points system of the WTC. These changes have been officially implemented on Wednesday. Earlier 120 points were fixed for each Test series. There was a lot of criticism of this point system.

In the first ICC Test Championship, winning a Test in a two-Test series would fetch a team 60 points, while winning a match in a five-Test series would fetch only 24 points.

There was a demand for change in the points system

ICC Acting Chief Executive Geoff Allardice said that these changes have been implemented to simplify the points table by taking lessons from last year’s problems. Allardice said in an ICC statement, “We have received feedback that the previous points system needs to be simplified. The cricket committee has implemented a new change for each match for this reason.

The second cycle of the WTC, which ends in June 2023, consists of only two series of five Test matches. These include the India-England series, apart from the Ashes series between Australia and England to be held this year.

Four Test matches will be played in Australia’s tour of India next year. This will be the only series of four matches in the new cycle. Nine Test teams will play a total of six series each. Of these, like last time, three series will have to be played at home and three abroad.

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