Will the third wave of Covid-19 be dangerous for children? Learn from top doctors of AIIMS

New Delhi: The country is currently battling with the second wave of Corona. Gradually the speed of infection is decreasing, but still the danger remains. For the last several weeks, there is a discussion in the country that a third wave of corona may come in the country. Children are most likely to be affected in this. Talking to ABP Uncut, Dr. Sanjay Rai, Principal Investigator of Vaccine Trial at AIIMS has expressed his reaction.

No scientific basis for children being affected
Dr. Sanjay Rai says that there is no scientific basis so far that children will be most affected in the third wave of corona. He said that in many sero surveys conducted so far in the country, it has come to the fore that children have also been affected by corona, but mild symptoms were found in them. Dr. Rai said that there can be many waves of any epidemic, but it will affect people of a certain age, there is no such fact. Dr. Sanjay said that the parents of the children are very scared about the third wave. In such a situation, they should not be afraid. 

Foreign vaccine will be used directly
Government has abolished the requirement of testing and trial of foreign vaccine in India to deal with the shortage of vaccine. Now foreign vaccines can be used directly. Its foreign vaccines like Pfizer and Moderna will benefit. These companies had recently demanded relaxation in these rules from the government.

Dr. Sanjay’s view on foreign vaccine
He says that the death rate from corona is higher in Europe and other continents than in Asian countries. In such a situation, it is not necessary that the same medicine should work equally on every type of population. In such a situation, there should be a trial and test of foreign vaccine, but in case of emergency, the government has given exemption to the companies. He told that at present the trial of children’s vaccine is going on in AIIMS. All the volunteers are coming forward for this.


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