Will the distance between CM Captain Amarinder Singh and Navjot Singh Sidhu end?

New Delhi: In Punjab Congress, the distance between Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh and new state president Navjot Singh Sidhu will end or will increase, it will be clear on July 23, when Sidhu will assume the charge of Punjab Congress President in Chandigarh. According to high sources, CM Captain Amarinder Singh has been invited on behalf of Sidhu for the swearing-in program of the state president. The interesting thing is that this invitation has the signatures of more than 60 MLAs.

After being given the chair of Punjab Congress President through the Congress high command, Sidhu performed a big show of strength in Amritsar on Wednesday. Sidhu, along with about 62 out of 80 MLAs of Punjab Congress, reached the Golden Temple to pay obeisance. Earlier since Saturday, Sidhu has visited the homes of more than 50 MLAs and met them. The assembly of MLAs in Amritsar made it clear that the Captain’s camp has shrunk and leaving him, most of the Punjab Congress leaders, MLAs and ministers in the Captain’s government themselves are looking forward to their future under Sidhu.

a public apology

On the other hand, angry with Sidhu’s appointment, Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh has not given formal congratulations. His office even announced a day earlier that the captain would not meet Sidhu until Sidhu publicly apologized for the personal remarks made on him. The captain’s office had also clarified that no appointment has been sought from Sidhu’s side. Now the Captain’s office has not given any response to the invitation sent for the swearing-in program of the state president.

On the other hand, many MLAs of Sidhu Camp are calling the Captain’s ‘apology condition’ as unnecessary stubbornness. According to sources, Harish Rawat himself is uncomfortable with this condition. He tried to find a middle way but did not succeed. Sidhu has also sent him an invitation on July 23. However, it is not yet clear whether Rawat will go to Chandigarh or not.

Overall, with Sidhu’s announcement, both the enthusiasm and the split in the Congress camp are visible at the same time. The Captain’s camp waits patiently for the next move. In this sense, on July 23, the suspense can be lifted whether the captain and Sidhu will be able to come together or the distance will remain. The question is also what will the Congress high command do if the dispute is not resolved?

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