Union Minister Prahlad Patel said on phone tapping controversy – never felt that the government spied on me

Since the report of espionage through Israeli software Pegasus appeared in the international media, while the opposition parties have been making serious allegations against the Center, on the other hand the government has rejected it and termed it as a big conspiracy to defame the country. Meanwhile, Union Minister Prahlad Patel said that he never felt that his phone was being tapped.

Prahlad Patel said – I am not such a big man

He said- “I am not such a big man. I do not think that the government would have been involved in such activities. I think the opposition parties should discuss and let the Parliament run smoothly.” Prahlad Patel further said- “The government should take action in such matters. The stand has already been clarified by Information Technology Minister Ashwini Vaishnav and the party. So I don’t think I need to comment separately on this.” is.”

Congress’s ‘Hallabol’ on the government

Here, the Congress on Tuesday once again attacked the central government over the disclosure of the alleged Pegasus software, accusing it of hijacking democracy. Alleging the use of Pegasus software in toppling the Congress-JDS government of Karnataka, said whether the Home Minister has the right to remain in office? Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said that the Modi government has kidnapped democracy and ripped apart democracy through Operation Kamal.

He said that its chronology is that Pegasus software was used to buy the elected government so that the Congress government could be brought down. He said that further it will be known in which states including Madhya Pradesh the government was toppled and the power was reversed. That’s why they don’t want to debate in Parliament.

Significantly, the controversy arose when an international media organization revealed that a large number of businessmen and rights, including two Union ministers of India, more than 40 journalists, three opposition leaders and a sitting judge, were used by the Israeli spy software Pegasus. More than 300 mobile numbers of workers may have been hacked.

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