Struggle over 9,900 children being corona positive in the month of May in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra? DM told this reason

After the arrival of 9900 children Corona positive in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra in the last month, in May, the question is continuously arising whether the third wave of Corona has come. Because experts have feared that most of the children will be affected by corona in the third wave. Meanwhile, Ahmed Nagar DM Rajendra Bhosle while talking with ABP News said that in the month of May, a total of 86 thousand positive cases have come in Ahmednagar. But death has not occurred.

Why children caught by Corona in Ahmednagar

Rajendra Bhosle further said that since the weddings that took place in the month of April, there were more people below 18 years of age. After that, children were also playing during lockdown. His movement was on. So the positivity rate of children has come down to 11 percent.

He told that a task force has been formed in Ahmednagar district. According to some suggestions he has given, he is doing pediatric wards in the civil hospital. We are doing a 100-bed pediatric ward. Out of that 15 beds are being kept in ICU. However, none of them has died.

95 percent of people do not have symptoms of infection

The District Magistrate said that out of 9,928 minors in whom the infection has been confirmed, 6,700 people are in the age group of 11 to 18 years, 3,100 are between one to ten years and some are below one year of age. He said, “Since 95 percent of these people did not have symptoms of infection, there is nothing to worry about. Due to the possibility of a third wave of infection, it is important that children should be given more attention.

Dr Sachin Solat, a member of Ahmednagar’s pediatrics task force, said the number was high but “the situation is not at all alarming” as the minors exposed to the infection did not show signs of infection. He said that out of 350 to 370 patients admitted to the Corporation Hospital in the district, five or six are children.

When asked about the reason for such a large number of children being infected, Dr. Solat said, “In most cases, the infection in the children came from parents or other adult members of the family.”

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