Speed ​​limit will be increased by 20 kmph on the highway, Nitin Gadkari’s instructions to the officials

Road Speed ​​Limit: The maximum speed limit on national highways and expressways in the country may soon increase. Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari has issued instructions to the officials of his ministry to revise the maximum speed limit of vehicles. Gadkari has given instructions to increase the speed limit of vehicles up to 20 kmph according to different categories of roads. At the same time, he instructed his officers to prepare such a system so that equality in the speed limit on a certain route is maintained. Also, there was no frequent change in the guidelines regarding speed limit in short distance routes.

Gadkari issued these instructions during a review meeting with the officials of his ministry. At present, the maximum speed limit for cars notified by the Ministry of Road Transport is 100 kmph on national highways. On the expressway, this speed limit is 120 km per hour. However, the state police and other agencies have the authority to set speed limits on highways and expressways falling within their area. This is the reason that on some parts of the national highway, there is a change in the speed limit according to different states.

Different speed limits cause problems

Along with this, people have to face a lot of trouble due to different speed limits on a fixed route in cities. Signboards indicating speed limit on these routes are also not in sufficient quantity. Due to which this problem gets aggravated. According to road safety experts, the speed limit on the roads should be well defined and notified. Due to this, the problems of the people will also be reduced and the incidents of accidents will also be seen.

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