Revealed in the interrogation of a Chinese spy caught on the Indo-Bangladesh border, China has taken 1300 Indian SIMs in two years

New Delhi: A Chinese spy, who entered India by infiltrating into India from the Bangladesh border, has revealed in strict interrogation that he has smuggled about 1300 Indian SIM cards to China in the last two years. During the interrogation of BSF and intelligence agencies, Chinese spy Han Junwe also revealed that these SIM cards in China were used to hack India’s important accounts and in financial frauds.

After about 36 hours of rigorous interrogation, the BSF handed over the Chinese spy Han Junwe to the West Bengal Police. Now the West Bengal Police will take further legal action. In this regard, a case has been registered against him at a police station in Kaliachak area of ​​Malda district.

According to the BSF, Han Junwe had opened a large hotel in Gurugram in the year 2019 with one of his business partners, Sun Jiang, named Star-Spring. But both of them used to work under the guise of this hotel as espionage and to break into the pockets of gullible Indians. According to the BSF, both of them used to buy Indian SIM cards on the basis of forged documents. After that, they used to hide these SIM-cards in the undergarments and take them to China. In China, these SIM-cards were used to hack accounts. However, the BSF has not disclosed what type of Indian accounts were hacked by Han Junwe and Sun Jiang. And finally who is behind this hacking and what is the purpose.

But in the interrogation of BSF, Han Junwe has confessed that these SIM-cards were also used for financial fraud. They used to steal money from the money-transaction machines of gullible Indians. According to the BSF, sometime back Sun Jiang was arrested by the Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) of the UP Police on charges of fraudulently buying SIM-cards. Han Junwe and his wife are also co-accused in this case. The process of issuing a Blue Corner Notice against Han had already begun. But before that, while illegally entering India through Bangladesh border, BSF had nabbed Han near Sultanpur BOP (Border Out Post) ie outpost in Malda district.

During interrogation, Han told that he had come to Hyderabad for the first time in the year 2010. Delhi-Gurugram has come three times after the year 2019. Four times he had come with an Indian visa in connection with business. His current passport was issued from Hubei province of China from this year i.e. January 2021. He has a Bangladesh visa on his passport. This is the reason why he reached Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, on 2 June. After stopping there with a friend, Han reached the Sona-Masjid area of ​​Nawabganj district of Printing in Bangladesh. On the morning of June 10, after staying at a hotel here, Han tried to infiltrate into Malda area of ​​West Bengal from the banks of a river on the Indo-Bangladesh border, but was caught by patrolling BSF personnel there.

Besides passport, BSF found one Apple laptop, 02 iPhone mobile, 01 Bangladeshi SIM, 01 Indian SIM, 02 Chinese SIM, 2 pen drives, 03 batteries, two small torches, 05 money transaction machines, 02 ATM cards, on search of Chinese intruder. US dollars, Bangladeshi taka and Indian currency were recovered.

A BSF official said that the electronic equipment of the Chinese national is being thoroughly investigated to find out which Chinese intelligence agency he used to work for.


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