Rajasthan: Congress leadership denies Pilot’s displeasure, once again the reports of rebellion were told by sources as baseless

Here Jitin Prasad joined the BJP and on the other hand in Rajasthan once again the news of Sachin Pilot’s rebellious attitudes has started coming. Even the party’s important leader Bhanwar Jitendra Singh, who is considered close to Rahul Gandhi, gave a statement that the promises made with Sachin Pilot should be fulfilled. However, senior Congress sources from ABP News claimed that the reports of Sachin Pilot’s rebellion are false and a lot of the promises made to him were fulfilled and the rest will be fulfilled soon.

30 Screw trapped in 9 posts lying vacant in people’s cabinet

According to sources, 9 posts lying vacant in 30 people’s cabinet in Rajasthan will be filled soon Have to go and this will be done as soon as the situation of Kovid improves. Now according to sources, Sachin Pilot wants to make his people ministers in more of these posts. The problem in front of the Congress is that when Ashok Gehlot himself did not have a majority, he came from 6 BSP and took the support of 12 independent MLAs and if any of them is not made a minister this time then it will be difficult.  Not only this, 6 people who were pro-Pilot were made ministers in the cabinet of the last 24 people, out of which 3 were cabinet ministers, but later these 6 people changed their hands to the Gehlot camp. Sources say that if these 6 pro-Pilot MLAs switch sides, then it cannot even be called against the promise of leadership.

As soon as the situation improves, the Rajasthan cabinet will be expanded

Sources say that soon, as soon as the situation of Kovid improves, the cabinet expansion will also be done in Rajasthan, in which some more supporters will be given place after talking to Sachin Pilot and his  The rest of the supporters will also be given place in the posts like Board Corruption and Parliamentary Secretary. Therefore, there is no crisis on the Gehlot government in Rajasthan.

Sachin Pilot may get a big responsibility in the organization at the Center

Sources also told that Sachin The pilot will soon be given greater responsibility in the organization at the Centre. According to sources, the Congress leadership had already agreed with Pilot after explaining that his bigger role would be in the center and not in the state. Sources said that meeting only a few MLAs at Sachin Pilot’s house is not a rebellion against Pilot.

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