Pankaja Munde rejected the resignation of the supporters, because of this the workers were angry

Mumbai: MP Pritam Munde will get a place in the Union Cabinet expansion, it was strongly discussed in the political circles. But the news of Marathwada doctor Bhagwat Karad replacing Pritam in the Modi cabinet angered Munde’s supporters. More than 70 supporters submitted their resignations. Amidst the resignation, his sister and party’s national general secretary Pankaja Munde met angry supporters in Mumbai and rejected the resignations of the supporters and clearly said that she never did the politics of pressure for the post. She practices struggle politics like her father Gopinath Munde and will continue to do so. 

BJP’s Union National Secretary and former Maharashtra Minister Pankaja Munde came to meet a large number of supporters who reached Mumbai along with her younger sister MP Pritam Munde today. There was speculation that PM Modi would give a chance to MP Pritam Munde in the Union Cabinet expansion. But Dr Bhagwat Karad, who came from Marathwada in Maharashtra and from Vanjari community, was made Minister of State for Finance in the Modi government. After which the resentment among Munde supporters intensified. Soon after, supporters working in more than 70 different positions resigned. Due to which the question arose whether Pankaja Munde is also angry. Rejecting all these speculations, Munde today rejected the resignation of the supporters, saying that they do the politics of struggle like Gopinath Munde. Never did politics of pressure for position and power. 

The image of Pankaja Munde in Maharashtra is that of an aggressive OBC leader. Dr. Bhagwat Karad of the Vanjari society from which Pankaja comes, has been made Minister of State for Finance in the Modi government. This society has been standing with BJP for the last many years. Pankaja said that neither she nor Pritam had ever demanded a ministerial post. Some people deliberately gave such news, due to which the supporters got angry. Rejecting the speculation of leaving the party, Pankaja clearly said that PM Modi, Amit Shah and JP Nadda are their leaders. However, Pankaja survived by taking the name of Devendra Fadnavis.

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