Pakistan Army not getting hawk even after ceasefire agreement, LOC is engaged in this tactic

New Delhi: Though peace has prevailed since the ceasefire agreement between India and Pakistan, the Pakistani army is not deterring its antics. Under the guise of peace, the Pakistani army is engaged in tactics like Hamas, a Palestinian terrorist organization on the LoC. Yes, the Pakistani Army is engaged in setting up its bunkers and camps in the residential areas adjacent to the LoC. A citizen of PoK himself has exposed this nefarious act of Pakistani army by making videos on social media.

In the video which has surfaced on social media, a person living in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, PoK, is telling that the Pakistani army has illegally encamped on the property of his brother. In this video of two minutes and three seconds, this man is telling that the Pakistani army has buried not one or two full tents on his brother’s land. What is inside the tent is not known clearly, but the dish-umbrella and wash-basin is definitely visible outside the tent.

Hamas had built its bases in the residential areas of Palestine and from there was attacking Israel with rockets. When the Israeli army retaliated and attacked these bases with missiles, the civilians living there were getting casualties. The video of the casualties of these innocent citizens & nbsp; Hamas was then sent to the Islamic countries through social media so that all Islamic-countries stand against the Israelite. But Israel had exposed the nefarious plot of Hamas. This is the reason why Palestine soon agreed to a cease-fire.

Let us tell you that in the month of February, there has been a ceasefire agreement on the Line of Control i.e.LOC between DGMO level military officers of India and Pakistan. Since then, there has been no incident of firing or firing on the LoC between the armies of the two countries. But recently, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has once again begun to sing the melody of Kashmir to disturb peace. Imran Khan recently said in a radio interview that until India does not return the status of Article 370 to Jammu and Kashmir, peace between the two countries is difficult. In such a situation, there are speculations that Pakistan can once again break the peace on the LoC and start infiltrating terrorists.

Meanwhile, well-known Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir has threatened to reveal the sleaze-secret and inside-house exploits of top commanders of the Pakistani Army. Hamid Mir has said openly that if the Pakistani army threatens or kidnaps a media person the next time, then the generals of the Pakistani army will have to bear the consequences. His threatening video is in discussion in Pakistan these days. In fact, recently there was a shootout at the house of the Chief (Lt Gen Faiz Hamid) of the Pakistani intelligence agency, ISI. It is said that his wife shot at a call-girl at home. Hamid Mir is referring to the same incident. Because the Pakistani army and ISI kidnapped a journalist and beat him fiercely. In the video, that journalist is standing near Hamid Mir. Hands appear broken in the video.

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