On the new IT rules, Twitter said – We are committed to the principles of transparency and empowering every voice under Indian laws

Apart from the ongoing dispute between the central government and social media platforms over the new IT rules, Twitter issued a statement on Monday, saying that it tries to follow the laws applicable in India. According to the news agency ANI, the Twitter spokesperson further said- We are strictly guided by the principles of transparency, commitment to empower every voice in the service and to protect freedom of expression and privacy under Indian law.

Earlier, the Delhi High Court on Monday said that if new information technology (IT) rules related to digital media are not banned, Twitter will have to abide by them. Along with this comment, Justice Rekha Palli has issued a notice to the Center and social media platform Twitter on the petition of advocate Amit Acharya and directed them to present their case. Acharya has claimed in his petition that Twitter has not followed the rules.

On the other hand, Twitter claimed before the court that it had followed the rules and appointed a grievance redressal local officer, but the central government denied the claim. The court said, “If these (rules) are not banned, they will have to abide by it.”

Acharya, in a petition filed through lawyers Aakash Vajpayee and Manish Kumar, said that when he tried to lodge a complaint about some tweets, he came to know about his alleged non-compliance with government regulations. During the hearing, Ripudaman Singh Bhardwaj, a permanent lawyer of the central government, told the court that Twitter has not followed the rules.

The petition states that Twitter has not followed the rules of the IT Act of the Center for appointing local officers for grievance redressal. In this, it has been requested that the social media platform Twitter be directed to follow this rule without any delay. The petition said that the new IT rules came into effect on February 25 and the Center gave all social media forums, including Twitter, three months to comply with them.

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