Nityanand on Corona: Fugitive Nityanand’s strange claim, said- Corona will end when I set foot on the soil of India

New Delhi: The country is currently battling with the second wave of corona, the good news is that for the last few days, the number of new corona patients in the country is declining. Meanwhile, a video of self-proclaimed saint Nityananda has surfaced, in which Lo is saying that Corona will end in India only when he steps on the soil of India.

In a video released a few days ago, a disciple of Nityananda asks when will Corona leave India. Responding to this, Nityananda said that the goddess ‘Amman’ had entered his spiritual body. Corona will leave India only when it sets foot on Indian soil. This video of Nityanand is going viral on social media.

Nityananda had announced on 19 April that due to the second wave of Corona, there is a ban on the entry of pilgrims from India to Kailasha Island. Along with this, he also announced a ban on people coming from Brazil, the European Union and Malaysia.

Let us tell you that self-proclaimed saint Nityananda has been accused of sexual harassment. In the year 2019, Nityananda fled away from India. Nityananda claims that he has established a virtual island that he has named Kailasha. According to the claim, this island of Nityananda is somewhere near the coast of Ecuador.

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