Mumbai: NCB busts bakery making cakes with drugs

Mumbai: The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) busted a cake bakery last night in which cakes were being made using drugs. In this case, NCB has arrested a psychologist doctor. Apart from this, a supplier has also been arrested.

The arrested doctor’s name is Rahmin Charmiya, who is only 25 years old, Charmiya used to run a bakery to make drugs in this way since his college days. NCB zonal director Sameer Wankhede said that we had received information that in this way three types of cakes are being made using drugs, which are supplied in big parties. He said that after getting the information, we raided its shop by setting a trap in Mazgaon area of ​​Mumbai and arrested the accused with about 10 kg of hashish brownies.

Charmiya told that he used to watch many series related to drugs, in which he would get to know about new things related to drugs and then how to save himself, it was also known that since then he started using drugs. Learned to make cakes and started saving. Charmiya also worked as a psychologist in a big hospital in Mumbai.

Sameer Wankhede told that he used to make three types of cakes and used to deliver those drugs according to the order.

The names of the cakes were like this-

1- Rambo Cake: Charas, bald and hashish were used to make this cake, after which it became quite intoxicating.

2- Hush Brownie: Only hashish was used to make this cake.

3-Pot Brownie: Weed was used to make this type of cake.

Sameer Wankhede told that his customers are very big people, in whose private party he used to supply such cakes. NCB has now started investigating who was in contact with him. NCB has got 350 grams of opium and Rs 1.07 lakh in cash from his house.

supplier also arrested

When NCB arrested Charmiya, when asked from where it used to get all these drugs, he gave the name of his drugs supplier and after which NCB arrested Ramzan Sheikh, a drugs peddler from Crawford market by trapping. NCB has got 50 grams of hashish from it.

How addictive is this cake?

Sameer Wankhede said that these drugs are more dangerous than smoking. Those who use it get intoxicated for 6 hours. Recently, another similar drug cake bakery was busted by NCB, where the accused used to make cakes at home in a residential area and then used to order it from Instagram.

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