Juhi Chawla’s lawyer demands a ban on 5G testing, the court asked – why should your petition be heard?

New Delhi: A petition has been filed on behalf of actress Juhi Chawla in the 5G case. Which was heard today. During the hearing, the lawyer appearing for Juhi Chawla said that 5G is not starting yet, but the trial has started regarding this and this trial is being done on the human population. The lawyer said that no study was done in this regard. We just want that there should be study before starting this.

At the same time, it was said on behalf of the central government that it is part of the testing rule. Such petitions are only an attempt to obstruct the work of the central government. After which the High Court said that first we will see whether this petition is acceptable or not. The counsel for the central government said that there is no ban on the use of 5G technology. This technique is allowed with certain conditions. The counsel for the central government said that first the petitioner has to explain how people are being harmed by 5G technology and who has had a negative impact on this testing. It was said on behalf of Juhi Chawla’s lawyer that we are not against 5G technology but have filed an objection regarding the way it is being brought and testing is being done.

The High Court asked Juhi Chawla’s lawyer whether you gave any information to the Central Government about your complaint before filing the petition in the Delhi High Court? On which Juhi Chawla’s lawyer said no. The court said that earlier you should have told the government about your complaint and if the government did not redress your complaint, then you could have come to the court that your right is being violated. The court said that first you tell why this petition of yours should be heard? Juhi Chawla’s lawyer said that as a citizen, this petition of mine should be heard. The court said but you have not even brought your complaint to the government element. Juhi Chawla’s lawyer said that we have an RTI reply, which states that no study has been done before starting 5G testing.

Testing should be banned

The court said that it cannot happen that the petitioner himself does not have any information about him and he should come to the court and ask that information should be provided to us and investigation should be done because it can cause some kind of loss. It was said on behalf of the petitioner that the testing should be stopped for the time being. The High Court said but first the petitioner should be aware of the question he is raising. Was there any confirmation of the questions raised and the allegations leveled? If all this information is found to be wrong then action can also be taken. Juhi Chawla’s lawyer said that we do not have much information about this but we know that no study was done about it. We just want that there should be study before starting this.

The court asked that who gave you this information that there could be damage? Answered by the doctor. The court said that it cannot happen that you make countless people party in the same case. As has been done in this case. The court said that in this petition, from the central government to different departments and universities, have been made parties. At the same time, the Delhi High Court has reserved its decision on the petition filed by Juhi Chawla and will decide whether this petition can be heard further or not.

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