India is doing maneuvers with friendly Britain in the Bay of Bengal

England’s Carrier Strike Group is currently conducting a three-day (21-23 July) exercise with the Indian Navy in the Bay of Bengal for the purpose of forming an allied alliance against China. A total of 10 warships, two submarines, 20 fighter aircraft and about 4000 sailors are participating in this exercise, including England’s largest aircraft carrier.

Regarding this exercise of India and England, the British High Commission in Delhi, without taking China’s name, said that, “Such an effort (practice) provides solid security to our allies and a strong one to those who weaken global security.” provides a barrier.”

Navies of India and England will take part in underwater drill

The High Commission issued a statement saying that the Carrier Strike Group has been deployed in the Indo-Pacific region only to protect democratic values ​​and to deal with common threats. Also, England’s engagement with countries like India, Singapore, South Korea and Japan is increasing. It can also search for business opportunities for the UK (United Kingdom).

According to the information, in this three-day maritime exercise, the navies of India and England will participate in multi-ship, maritime, aerial and sub-surface ie underwater drill. Such exercises help in increasing better coordination and cooperation between the navies of both countries. The special thing is that a warship of the Indian Navy will exercise with the Royal Navy in the sea of ​​England next month.

UK and India are major defense partners

Let us tell you that for the first time, England’s Carrier Strike Group has set out on a journey of 26 thousand nautical miles. During this, this carrier strike group will exercise with the navies of about 40 countries from the Mediterranean Sea to the Indian Ocean and the Indo-Pacific region. The three-day exercise with the Indian Navy is part of that.

England’s Chief of Joint Operations, Vice Admiral Sir Ben Key, said in a statement, “The UK and India are key defense partners and the deployment of the Carrier Strike Group is a symbol of our global-UK commitment to India, the Indo-Pacific. and poses threats to the international order.”

England’s Carrier Strike Group consists of six warships, one submarine, in addition to the HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier. Apart from this, a destroyer (warship) of America and a frigate (ship) of Netherlands are also included in this group. Along with this group, the fifth generation fighter aircraft, F-35B ‘Lightning’ is also included.

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