Fact Check: Is the corona vaccine making people ‘magnetic’? Know- what is the truth of viral video

In the midst of the second wave of corona in the country, the government is trying to vaccinate the people as soon as possible. Meanwhile, a video about the Kovid-19 vaccine is becoming increasingly viral on the Internet. In this, it is being claimed that people can become ‘magnetic’ by applying the corona vaccine. While issuing a clarification regarding this, the government called it ‘baseless’ and appealed to the people to vaccinate against the corona epidemic.

In this circulated video, metal is being shown in the arm of the vaccine taker and it is being made very viral. After this the rumors about the safety of the vaccine intensified.

Here, the Press Information Bureau (PIB) Fact Check said that these claims regarding the corona vaccine are baseless. The vaccine may not cause a magnetic reaction in the human body. The Kovid vaccine is completely safe and does not contain any metals.

PIB further said- “After applying the corona vaccine, mild headache, body ache and mild swelling and fever may occur where the needle was inserted. Do not pay attention to the misinformation about the corona vaccine and apply the vaccine.

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