Explained: Why the highest death toll in a single day in the country? Know how the deaths were hidden

New Delhi: There has been a sudden big jump in the number of people who lost their lives due to corona infection in the country. Where on an average 2500 people were dying of corona every day, suddenly the death toll of 6148 infected people has come to the fore. After such a jump in the death toll, many questions are being raised. The biggest question is whether the death toll is being hidden.

Why have the cases of death increased?
The increase in the death toll in the country is actually related to Bihar. The death toll from corona in Bihar has suddenly increased by 73 percent in a single day. The total death toll here till June 7 was 5424, it increased to 9375 the next day. That is, the death toll increased by 3951 in one day. Due to this figure, the death toll has also increased across the country. The maximum 1070 additional deaths have been added in Patna. At the same time, 316 additional deaths have been added in Begusarai, 314 in Muzaffarpur, 222 in Nalanda.

What was the reason given by the administration
The Health Department of Bihar says that many patients infected with the corona virus died during home isolation. Some patients died while going from home to hospital and many people died even after recovering from corona. The Health Department has said that after the investigation, many such cases have been added. However, it has not been told when this death took place.

After all, how was the additional death revealed?
In Bihar, questions were being raised continuously by the opposition about hiding the death figures from Corona. This matter also reached the High Court. The Patna High Court had last month asked the Bihar government to accurately count the death toll from Corona. For this a committee was formed, which found a change in the death toll. Eventually the Bihar government added those additional death figures.

how the deaths were hidden
The Union Health Ministry releases new corona cases, cured people and death figures in the country every day based on the reports of the states. Usually the death toll is given to the state government by the Kovid Hospital administration. Comes from the states to the central government. But during the second wave, many people died at home. They did not get time to go to the hospital or the beds were not empty in the hospital. He died at home due to lack of treatment for the disease. Hospitals and states did not update the number of such people in their daily data systems. Bihar is the first state where the additional death toll has been added. Now the question is also arising whether similar death figures are being hidden in other states of the country as well?

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