Discussion in Rajya Sabha on the issue of Corona, what did the government say on the allegation of hiding the death toll?

Parliament Monsoon Session: The discussion on the issue of Corona went on for about 4:30 hours in the Rajya Sabha today. During this discussion, different political parties elaborated on the steps taken by the government during the Corona period. The opposition parties said that the central government did not take the kind of steps that should have been taken and due to this, during the second Dev of Corona, such a situation arose in the country and people died due to lack of facilities.

At the same time, the central government and some political parties supporting the government said that this disease was causing havoc all over the world, in such a situation the steps taken by the Indian government to deal with this disease have proved to be more effective than other countries. . As a result of this, despite the rapid increase in the cases, we were able to rein in it.

Meanwhile, Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya said that the allegation that the central government is hiding the figures of deaths from Karo Na is completely wrong because the central government only keeps the data received from the states in one place and it itself is no one. does not collect data. Similarly, about the availability of vaccine, the Union Health Minister informed the House and told how much vaccine is available in India now and how much will be available in the coming months.

During the discussion, Congress MP Malikarjun Kharge said that during this Corona period, the problems of migrant laborers came to the fore, but the government did not think anything about them. The central government just kept giving advertisements, the condition was that the dead bodies were seen floating in the rivers, thousands of children became orphans. How many people died in this corona period will remain a mystery. The government talks of 4 lakh deaths but the deaths were much more than this.

Kharge said that there are more than 6 lakh villages in our country and if 5 people died in any village then more than 31 lakh deaths occurred, so the government is presenting false figures. There should have been arrangements for the migrant laborers but the government is responsible for it not. Despite the lack of oxygen, beds, ventilators in the hospital, the government kept patting its back. People were dying, you got engrossed in playing the plate, you were presenting a false picture to the people, but we did not prepare for the second wave in other countries. You were busy conducting elections, you yourself were not following the rules of Corona. We are ready to cooperate so that people’s lives can be saved. During the discussion, Leader of the House Piyush Goyal said that the Leader of the Opposition should criticize the government as well as give good suggestions so that if the third wave comes, then we can prepare better.

After this, BJD MP Amar Patnaik said that we developed 2 vaccines within 1 year while many developed countries could not even develop 2 vaccines. Along with this, the number of ventilator beds was increased and arrangements were made according to the need of oxygen. Both the central government and the state government will have to fight this pandemic together.

Taking part in the discussion, nominated MP Swapan Das Gupta said that there is a vaccine in the country and people kept shouting that there is a shortage of vaccine and the vaccine is not available. The same TMC MP Bhuvneshwar Kalita said that PM Namaste Trump was busy in the program when Corona cases were spreading, after that he was engaged in horse-trading to topple the government in Madhya Pradesh. Corona cases reached rural areas, migrant laborers died. The CM of West Bengal gave employment to such laborers. Second wave came and people died due to lack of oxygen, bodies were seen floating in rivers in UP, corona spread from Kumbh Mela. And even in such circumstances, elections were conducted in Bengal in 8 phases and due to this the cases of corona increased manifold. Fixed different prices for the same vaccine in one country. Vaccine manufacturers were forced to leave the country.

Samajwadi Party MP Ram Gopal Yadav said that questions also arose about the price of the vaccine in the country, which was corrected after the intervention of the Supreme Court. There was a lot of black marketing of Remdesivir injection used to treat corona. We have to increase the health budget further so that we can deal with such calamities.

After this, JDU MP Ramnath Thakur said that the government did not take this disease lightly, the people who died, but due to the efforts and steps of the government, a large number of lives were saved. Arranged the vaccine in the country and arranged facilities for the treatment of the people. Now we have to prepare to deal with the third wave and take it as a challenge.

Meanwhile, RJD MP Manoj Jha said that we should apologize to those people whose death was not mentioned. Manoj Jha said that the MPs among us left. We should not talk about any figures, we could not help people even after lakhs of efforts. This is the collective failure of all of us from 1947 till now. You are talking about free treatment, free ration, while this is his right because he is also the taxpayer of the country. When there was outcry, not only the central government but also the state government has failed.

Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Rawat said that we are going through a terrible phase, the PM had demanded 21 days and how many days are needed to deal with this disease and to prepare for it. We are all going through a national crisis. Never seen such a scene, there were long queues in the crematorium. Raut raised the question and asked why the government is hiding the death toll, the government should bring those figures to the fore. Along with what the central government has done so far, it should be told to the country.

After listening to all the MPs who participated in the discussion, Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya presented his answer in front of the House. Tried to show this.

The Health Minister said that there is nothing wrong in this because everyone is working together to deal with this disease. PM Modi has said that there should not be politics in the disaster, even if it happens from the front, it should not be done by the government. If the people of the whole country decide that they will not allow the third wave to come, then some way will definitely come out, so the PM has talked to the states 20 times.

Further, he said that once it came to the point that health is a state subject, the PM said that it is okay that the state should also take steps, in the matter of vaccine also, the Prime Minister said it is fine. PM always said that everyone has a contribution in making the country, never said that we have done everything.

Mansukh Mandaviya said that the first case of corona in our country came on 13 January 2020, Modi ji said that we should prepare in advance. The Union Health Minister said that we do not want to do politics on the issue of vaccine, there are many states which have 10 lakh, 15 lakh vaccines, I do not want to name them because there is no use in taking names.

The Health Minister said that the first lock down was imposed in the country so that PPE kits, test kits and hospital preparations could be done. Why did we send the vaccine to other countries? His answer is that the vaccine has a shelf life of 6 months, if we do not give it here, what should we do if we do not send it outside?

Meanwhile, while answering the questions raised about clapping and playing the plate, the Health Minister said that besides being a minister, I am also the father of the daughter, who used to work as an intern due to her doctor’s studies, she worked in the Kovid ward. He only knows what his mother was going through. Then came to know what is the meaning of thali and clapping. Tali and thali were meant to encourage such people.

On the other hand, on the questions raised about the death toll, Mansukh Mand Mandaviya said that we have not asked any state to hide the death toll, the work of preparing the data rests with the states and not the Centre. Whatever data comes from the states, the Center makes it public only by adding it. The Union Health Minister also laid information about the availability of vaccine in the country in front of the house and told that soon the existing production will also be increased further so that the vaccine will be easily available to the people.

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