Did CM Mamta leave the meeting after the Prime Minister’s permission? Know what the central government has responded

New Delhi: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee may have said in a press conference that she had sought permission from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to go to the review meeting called for Cyclone Yas. But government sources are saying something else. According to information received from central government sources, Mamata Banerjee was not allowed to leave the meeting. 

What is the whole matter & nbsp;

Central government sources have given a point-by-point reply to the statements of Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee regarding PM’s visit to Cyclone Yas. & Nbsp;

Mamata’s statement – About PM’s visit was told late. For PM’s program, I took out time from my pre-scheduled schedule. 

Center claims – The schedule of the Prime Minister’s visit could not be decided before the arrival of Cyclone Yas. The time table that was prepared at the time of Amphan cyclone last year was followed this time also. Also, the CMs of Odisha and Bengal, affected by the cyclone Yas, were told simultaneously. Odisha managed the entire program very well, while the PM reached Odisha before Bengal. 

Mamata’s statement – I waited for the PM

Centre’s claim– PM landed in Kalaikunda at 1:59 pm while Mamata Banerjee landed at 2:10 am. It is clear from this that after reaching the PM first, he waited there for a long time. It is clear from one more thing that a TMC MP had tweeted that what happened in it if the PM had to wait a little bit. The Bengal CM got down from the helicopter and went to meet the PM in the building located just 500 meters away and his helicopter took off at 2.35 am. It took the CM a total of 25 minutes to travel the distance of 500 meters and fly back on the next journey. It is a clear violation of the established protocol for the CM to leave the venue as soon as the PM is present and go back by helicopter. Mamta Banerjee’s saying that she waited for the PM is completely wrong, in reality the PM waited for her. 

Mamta’s statement – My program was pre-decided and it is not necessary that CM is always received by the Prime Minister. & nbsp;

Center claims – Mamta Banerjee had already given permission to be present in the meeting. He changed his decision when he came to know that the Leader of the Opposition will also be present in the meeting, which he has also mentioned in his letter. This shows that his argument for the pre-scheduled program is not justified. This is also clear from the Governor’s tweet, in which he has written that the Bengal CM had told the Governor that if the Leader of the Opposition is also in the meeting, then she will boycott the meeting. style="text-align: justify;"> Mamata’s statement – He had to wait 20 minutes near the helipad in Sagar because PM is going to land in Kalaikunda, then 15 minutes later his helicopter had to keep flying in the sky because PM was going to land there.


Centre’s reply– Bengal CM should have reached there in advance as other CMs also do. The PM is supervised by the SPG, a professional body. & Nbsp;

Mamata’s statement – Shocked at the Centre’s decision regarding the Chief Secretary of Bengal. This order was issued unilaterally without contacting the state, which is illegal, unconstitutional. 

Center claims- The decisions taken in relation to the Chief Secretary are purely constitutional, as he is an officer of All India Service. He did not discharge his constitutional obligation and the Prime Minister was not given any official presentation by the Bengal authorities. Retiring Chief Secretary shows that Mamata Banerjee is on the back foot and she has understood the seriousness that serious action can be taken against the Chief Secretary for not discharging her constitutional obligation. It is expected that no All India officer can indulge in party politics of any state. That’s why Mamata Banerjee made her last attempt to save the Chief Secretary by retiring him.

Mamata’s statement – A few days ago, the Center had agreed to extend the service to the Chief Secretary. On May 24, the Center gave written consent to extend his service. 

Centre’s reply– This shows that the Central Government carried out the entire process of extension of service to the Chief Secretary of Bengal without any discrimination and prejudice."text-align: justify;"> Mamta’s statement – You called a local MLA of your party for the replay of the meeting. We did not question the presence of the Governor or Union Minister in the meeting. & Nbsp;

Centre’s claim – That MLA is the leader of the opposition in Bengal and also the local representative of the area affected by the storm. Even before this, there are many examples of such meetings in non-BJP ruled states, in which the leader of the BJP opposition was called.

Mamta’s statement – The Chief Secretary sent a message to a high official that a meeting of PM and CM Mamta should be separated before the entire meeting to diagnose the problem. & nbsp;

Center claims – Mamata Banerjee had problems with the presence of the Leader of the Opposition, so she boycotted the meeting. No problem was created by the center. He was also explained that after the review meeting, the PM will also meet him separately. But he felt that perhaps he would have to wait till the end for this, so the CM stopped his officers from going to the review meeting to give a presentation and due to this the review meeting had to be canceled."text-align: justify;">Mamata’s statement – I went to the meeting with the Chief Secretary to give the report, but you took it from my hands. With your permission, I left for Digha for my next meeting. You also allowed us to do this with your gesture. 

Center claims – The Prime Minister did not allow Mamata Banerjee to leave the meeting.


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