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Delhi Rains: Monsoon caught hold in Delhi-NCR, heavy rain in the capital

New Delhi: The Indian Meteorological Department had officially announced the arrival of monsoon in the capital Delhi on Tuesday. After the arrival of monsoon, the weather of Delhi NCR has taken a turn today. Heavy rain has occurred in many areas of Delhi and NCR today. At the same time, there are thick dark clouds in Noida. The sky of Delhi-NCR is currently covered with dark clouds, the day has become dark. It has started raining in many places.

In the last 19 years, this time the monsoon has reached Delhi more than two weeks late. The Meteorological Department said that there will be rain in different parts of Delhi-NCR for the next 2-3 days.

Normally the monsoon reaches Delhi by June 27 and covers the entire country by July 8. Last year, the monsoon had reached Delhi on June 25 and had covered the entire country by June 29. He reached the capital on 7 July in 2012 and on 9 July in 2006. In 2002, the first monsoon rains occurred on 19 July. Monsoon reached the city late in 1987 on 26 July.

This time the monsoon has finally arrived in Delhi. According to the IMD, in the last 62 years, Delhi has received the first monsoon rains at least 33 times in the month of July. The rest of the time the monsoon had arrived in June itself. This year the south-west monsoon has reached Delhi after 16 days and the monsoon has arrived late in 19 years.

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