Delhi Police busts mobile theft Mewati gang, six people arrested

New Delhi: Stolen mobiles are now being sold not only in different states of India but also abroad. The highest demand is for new ie boxed mobiles, because they are easily sold and their demand is also high. Apart from this, these mobiles are easily sold abroad. The South West District Police has busted the Mewati gang and exposed the entire racket. Who after stealing the mobile from Delhi was transporting the stolen mobile to Mumbai via Firozabad in Uttar Pradesh and then the main receiver of Mumbai was transporting the stolen mobiles to Malda and Agartala through courier.

Amit Goel, Additional DCP, South West District, says that a burglary took place in a showroom in Delhi Cantt area on the late night of 16 May, from where the burglars stole about 54 mobiles. During the investigation, the police caught an accused named Tarif, on whose spot 10 mobiles were recovered.

Praise revealed during interrogation that a gang of Mewat is active in Delhi, who after breaking into the mobile showroom sell the stolen mobiles in Mewat itself to a person named Ziauddin. When the details of Tarif’s bank account were searched, it was found that a person named Ziauddin sends money to him through UPI through a digital wallet. In just 3 months, Ziauddin has sent him Rs 5 lakh.

Scrutiny of Ziauddin’s account revealed that Firozabad resident Mohammad Aleem used to send money to his bank account. On arresting Aleem, it was revealed that he sells mobiles to Hasam in Mumbai. The police also arrested Hasam, who revealed that he couriered the mobiles to Malda and Agartala, from where the punters sent the mobiles to Bangladesh, Sudan and Thailand.

The police have also found CCTV camera footage of the burglary in the mobile showroom in the investigation. These Mewati gang thieves ride in a mini SUV and stop outside a showroom and then break the shutter on sight with the help of a rod. These thieves are so clever that first they look at the CCTV cameras installed around and then break it.

The next task is to break the shutter, which these thieves break in a jiffy. The CCTV footage clearly showed how easily the shutter was broken with the help of the rod. After going inside the showroom, hands are cleaned on the mobile phone.

The police have so far arrested 6 people in this entire racket and recovered a large number of mobiles from them. Apart from this, bank transactions worth lakhs of rupees have also been detected. Along with this, transactions through hawala have also come to the fore. Some foreign names have also come to the fore, which are being traced.

Police say that during the investigation it came to light that different thieves used to sell stolen mobiles to Ziauddin. After which Ziauddin would sell the mobile to Mohammad Aleem. Jiauddin used to buy stolen seal packs from the thieves of Mewati gang at the rate of 35 percent on mobile MRP. After this, the same mobile sells Aleem at the rate of 40 percent. Mohammad Aleem would have sold these mobiles to Hasam, a resident of Mumbai. Husam used to deliver these mobiles. Hasam used to send money to Aleem’s bank account. Police say that Aleem used to send the stolen mobile to Hasam through courier. From March this year till now, Hasam had sent Rs 30 lakh to Aalim in his bank account. A transaction of Rs 60 lakh between Ziauddin and Aleem was done within a few months. Police say that Ziauddin also used to buy snatched and snatched mobile phones from Shiv Kumar and Ajay.

Police have recovered 19 sealed pack mobile phones from them, which were stolen from a showroom in Nihal Vihar area. Apart from this, 51 mobile phones of robbery, snatching and theft and a Creta car have also been recovered. Police claim that 34 cases have been solved with their arrest.

Jiazuddin runs a mobile shop in Mewat itself and under the guise of this buys stolen mobiles and sells them to Alim, who lives in Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh. Which further sells those mobiles to Hasam of Mumbai. Hasam sends those mobiles through courier to Malda and Agartala, from where the punters work to send the mobiles abroad.

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