Corona havoc: May proved to be the deadliest so far, India leads the world in new cases and deaths

New Delhi: Since the beginning of the corona epidemic in the country, the month of May has proved to be the most dangerous. May broke all previous records in both new cases and deaths. It is a matter of relief that on the last day of May, new cases came down to 1.3 lakh, which is the lowest in the last 54 days. Earlier on April 9, 1.5 lakh new corona patients were registered. Talking about the death, on Monday, its number also came down to below 2500, which is the lowest since April 22.

Talking about the month of May, 90.3 lakhs of Corona in this one month alone. New cases have been filed. There was some relief in the last few days of May, but still it is 30% more than in April. A total of 69.4 lakh new cases were reported in the month of April. & Nbsp;

Talking about the death toll, the month of May was no less than a nightmare for India. In the month of May, about one lakh twenty thousand people died due to corona, which is two and a half times more than in April. Only 48,768 lives were lost from Corona in April. Along with this, if experts are to be believed, then this death toll can be even higher. In many cities, there was a big difference in the official figures of funerals and deaths under the Kovid protocol in crematoriums and cemeteries. The month of December proved to be the most dangerous. In the month of December, a total of 65.3 lakh corona cases were reported in America. The good news for India is that America was ahead in terms of corona cases per million population. While there were 20,144 cases per million population in India, there were 102,302 cases per million population in the US.

The most dangerous month for the US according to the death toll was January of this year. . In January this year, Corona killed 99,680 people in America. At the same time, in the month of December also 83,849 people lost their lives in America. At the same time, April of this year proved to be the fourth worst month for Brazil in terms of death. In April this year, 82,401 people lost their lives due to Corona in Brazil.


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