Change in speed limit on Delhi roads, know the speed limit of your route here

New Delhi: In view of the increasing population, traffic and width of roads in the capital Delhi as well as the new flyover being built, the maximum speed limit on the roads is often reviewed. Once again the review committee has changed the speed limit of vehicles in Delhi. Earlier, the maximum speed limit was reviewed in the year 2011. After that the speed limit of some roads was revised again in the year 2017 and 2019. But now once again the speed limit of traffic on different roads across Delhi has been revised and changed. 

What will be the maximum speed limit on Ring Road

However, from Chandgi Ram Akhara, if one turns towards Civil Line Model Town and reaches Azadpur, the speed limit on this stretch is 50 kmph. The speed limit on the ring road from Azadpur flyover to Punjabi Bagh will remain 60 km per hour. According to police officials, the maximum speed limit for traffic on the outer ring road will also remain 60 km per hour. 

Trucks will not run above 40 kmph


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