Can we still say that school is the safest place

Which is called in English, the paupers are coming out of the cupboard one by one. That is, those things, which were hidden till now – slowly people are coming to know. Such a truth of the top schools of Chennai, about which no one knew except innocent children and cunning school administration. How the school teacher sexually abused the children, but the school instructed the aggrieved children to remain silent.

Earlier this week, a teacher at the Padma Shreshadri Bal Bhavan School in Chennai was sent to the Poxo Act. Arrested under He is accused of sexually abusing his XI and XII students. When a former student shared his bad experiences on Instagram, many of his colleagues agreed with him and told about their experiences on social media. After this, the teacher was arrested but the matter did not end here.

Former students of many other schools in Chennai also made similar allegations on their teachers. Also told that their schools were fully aware of this. But they used to order them to remain silent. Many times, by mentioning the financial condition of the teachers, he used to show sympathy with them. Many times it was also said that students are overreacting. Since she could not understand that this is not so unusual.

But the allegations were not so common. The complaints lodged by the students against the teachers ranged from physical abuse to verbal harassment. Such as inappropriate touching, slut shaming, calling girls at inappropriate times, making obscene comments on their physical appearance, sitting in online class without shirt and sending pornographic links to students. This behavior is not fair to anyone, and to teachers… that is embarrassing.

Because teachers and schools are supposed to be the safest for us< / p>

Many years ago, during the hashtag Meetu, there was a lot of news about the unreasonable behavior of teachers in universities. Girls from colleges and universities had told how well-known teachers had misbehaved with them. It was not thought about schools then. Schools are considered the safest place for children. Where people get rest by sending children. Home and School – Which place can be safe from them. Then the Guru is considered equal to God in us. Teachers often complain that the behavior of the children is no longer good. They do not understand teachers anything. Do such incidents not demoralize the children and their parents? The concept of safe space is not broken. In this sense, these incidents in Chennai are very serious, for which the school administration should be directly held responsible.

The school administration is fully accountable

< p> Running a school is considered one of the best business in our country. Statistics show that 12 crore students of the country (that is, about 50 percent of the children studying in schools) study in private schools. However, the government says that running a school is not business. That is why it is necessary to form a trust for the schools imparting education from Kindergarten to 12th. Only non profit trust can run the school and if there is surplus in the trust then it has to invest in the school itself. At least this is what happens on paper. But by defying the law, the schools make a good profit. The number of private schools in the country is more than four lakhs, and their share in the total schools in the country is close to 25 percent.

Interestingly, despite all this, schools often shirk the responsibilities of the children. . In 2017, a 7-year-old child studying in a private school in Gurugram was killed. The accused in this murder was the conductor of the school bus. Then an RTI was revealed that the school had not done any verification of its bus operators. In this regard, the Punjab and Haryana High Court had formulated a Safe School Vehicle Policy in 2013 but the school did not follow it.

Even after this incident, the school administration could not be made accountable. CBSE had issued a circular under similar POCSO. It was said in this circular that a grievance committee should be formed in schools in which the principal or vice principal, a mail and a female teacher, a mail and a female student and a non-teaching staff member. This committee will work as a grievance redressal organization. Immediate action will be taken on cases of misbehavior. Complaint or suggestion box will be set up in every school, in which children can lodge a written complaint.

Any complaint of sexual abuse will be dealt with at the earliest. As a warning, CCTV cameras will also be installed at all places in the school premises. But most of the schools do not heed these instructions.

When strong men start abusing their power

Actually, in the distribution of power in society, they The pan is more heavy, on which side the position and prestige are kept. These pandas are mostly occupied by men. Like in the case of schools in Chennai, in many other cases, the law of powerful men was not disturbed. This has been realized equally during the Hashgate MeToo movement. The structure of power has been set up in such a way that it is often the exploiters who benefit. In a recent case, a former journalist was acquitted of the allegations as the court found discrepancies in the statements of the complainant girl.

As such, many reforms were sought in India’s criminal justice system. Has gone, but still some things are still far from discussion. As for the compensation, health care and welfare of survivors and victims of sexual violence, less attention is paid to arresting the perpetrator. A teacher has also been arrested in the case of Chennai. Now there is a need to talk about the mental health of the survivors. Adolescent children and girls are in great need of this right now.

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