BJP MP’s advice to Nitish Kumar on the issue of population control, said – strict law is needed

New Delhi: Different opinions are also coming out in NDA regarding population control policy and law. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar emphasized on controlling population by making people more aware than population control law, now BJP leaders are advising Nitish Kumar that Nitish Kumar should understand that awareness campaign regarding population control has been done in the last four years. It has been going on for decades but nothing much has happened. Therefore, in today’s date, there is a need for a law regarding population control so that the population can be controlled in the country.

In Rajya Sabha, BJP MP Rakesh Sinha said that Nitish Kumar should also understand that for years, the work of explaining and discussing about population control is going on. But nothing special happened till now. Therefore it is necessary that now a law should be made regarding this. Rakesh Sinha says that on this issue he has also introduced the Private Member Bill in Parliament, which can be discussed during the monsoon session. According to Rakesh Sinha in this private member bill, he has also emphasized that if the population control law is implemented in the country, then 18 months should be given before implementing the harsh part of it, and during this time people should be given Understanding will be done.

The BJP MP said that this population control law will not be for any one caste, religion and particular area but will be for all the people. According to Sinha, the Prime Minister had also talked about harmony between resources and population from the ramparts of the Red Fort in 2019. Because of this, there is a need for strict laws in the country in today’s date and Nitish ji should also understand this.

Let us inform that the Uttar Pradesh government has recently brought its new population control policy and along with this the State Law Commission is seeking suggestions from the public on the population control bill. Since then, once again the discussion has started across the country regarding population control.

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