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Army running school for free in Poonch sector, despite Corona, more than 94 percent result came

tail: While the Indian Army is keeping a close watch on every nefarious conspiracy of the enemy on the LoC in Poonch sector of Jammu, on the other hand it is also engaged in grooming the future of the youth here. Army is running a school near LoC in Jammu where children are being given free education and these children also grow up and want to serve the country by joining the army.

Pinewood School in Bhimber Gali Sector, adjacent to the Line of Control in Poonch Sector in Jammu, was established by the Army a few years back to provide better education to the children living here. Although the country is currently battling with the Karona epidemic, but even in this epidemic, the teachers of this school have done what no one expected.

During the Corona period, where schools were closed all over the country, Pinewood School was also closed due to this epidemic. Due to lack of internet on the LoC, the teachers here took community classes to prepare the students from door to door to prepare them for the examinations and as a result, the result of this school was more than 94 percent. Now the students studying in this school are thanking the army.

These students say that the army is not only providing free education to the children of remote areas in the school, but is also engaged in shaping their future. These students say that growing up, they also want to join the army so that the way the army has made their future, they can contribute in shaping the future of the country.

To keep an eye on Pakistan’s actions, the Indian Army installed cameras on the LoC, 24 hours surveillance


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