A Chinese national who came to India with Bangladesh visa arrested, caught by BSF

A Chani national has been arrested from Milik Sultanpur in Malda district in Bengal near the Indo-Bangladesh border. He was moving suspiciously near the border. This person named Han Junwe has been caught by the BSF for illegally entering India. He came to India with Bangladesh visa. This Chinese citizen had crossed the Indian border illegally. The BSF has arrested and handed over to the police. Camera and laptop have been recovered from him.

Two Rohingyas who came to India illegally via Bangladesh arrested
Two days ago, the Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) arrested two Rohingyas who came to India illegally via Bangladesh. Both were arrested by the ATS team from Ghaziabad on Monday evening. According to the statement of the ATS, Noor Alam and Amir Hussain are originally from Rakhine province of Myanmar, in which Noor Alam has settled in Darbar Labar Khas of Meerut district and Amir Hussain has his hideout at street number 6, Shri Ram Colony in Khajuri Khas area of ​​Delhi. created.

According to the ATS, Hussain had illegally entered India via Bangladesh. Noor Alam had assured him that with the help of forged documents, he would get his Indian forms made. Earlier in January, a Rohingya named Azizullah was arrested and the ATS was looking for his brother-in-law Noor Alam alias Rafiq. According to the ATS, Noor Alam is the master mind who has been the facilitator in bringing the Rohingyas to India.

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