World tobacco prohibition day: smokers have a 50 percent higher risk of death from kovid, WHO warns

In the last one year, there has been so many ups and downs in the epidemic of Kovid that it is difficult to say with certainty how many more days the outbreak will continue. The second wave of this epidemic and the lack of oxygen, the breaths that have been broken, have given a renewed need to maintain health of the lungs. According to the World Health Organization, the risk of death of kovid and its death is 50 per cent higher among those who damage their lungs by smoking.

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), says in a release issued on 28 May that the risk of corona severity and death in smokers is up to 50 percent, so reducing the risk of coronavirus To quit smoking is only good. Smoking also increases the risk of cancer, heart disease and respiratory diseases.

People understand the importance of healthy lungs
In this regard, says Dr. Shilpi Sharma, Head and Neck Oncology, Consultant and Surgeon at Narayana Hospital, Gurugram, & lsquo; & lsquo; today. People who smoke should see the covid pandemic as another reason to quit this addiction. They should understand the importance of healthy lungs by taking information about patients suffering from Kovid’s severity and losing lung capacity, and vow to protect their lungs from this slow poison. & Rsquo; & rsquo;

< p style ="text-align: justify;"> Higher risk after infection from weakened lung
According to Rajesh Jain, Head Consultant, Head and Neck, Breast and Thoracic Onco Surgery Unit, Action Cancer Hospital, & ldquo; Kovid or Lung In the context of any related infection, first of all understand that the healthier the lungs are, the better will be the ability of the infected person to recover. In such a situation, if the smoker’s lungs are comparatively weak, then there will be a higher risk of severe pneumonia after covid infection.

There are many ways to quit smoking addiction
Department of Psychiatry Dr. Sonakshi, Assistant Professor at the All India Institute of Aeronautics, says that preparing yourself mentally to quit any addiction The first step is to give people a few small remedies to those who want to quit this bad addiction, according to them & ldquo; buy only one cigarette at a time, instead of smoking a full cigarette at one time, make a habit of giving up the rest by drinking half, Fix a date to quit it or take a vow not to drink one day in a week in the beginning and gradually come to one to two days and then two to three days. In addition to these measures, chewing nicotine chewing gum can also help control tobacco cravings.“ 

Smokers need oxygen and ventilators in the corona more than others
The Director of the Delhi Diabetes Research Center, Dr. AK Jhungan, states that kovid is for people who smoke. The major reason for the -19 becoming more deadly is that their body is not able to resist the attack of virus and due to weak lungs, they need oxygen and ventilator more than others.

According to Dr. Anshuman Kumar, Director Surgical Oncology at Dharmashila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, & ldquo; Post Kovid syndrome has emerged as an additional problem in the era of Kovid epidemic. Smoking can reduce the healing power of the lungs after getting rid of infection, the effect of kovid on the nerves and muscles can be even more severe because of smoking because tobacco also damages the blood vessels. & ldquo; If a three-inch tobacco-filled cigarette is so harmful, there is hardly a better chance of avoiding it than World Tobacco Day.

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