This place has a chance to win the lucky draw on getting the Kovid-19 vaccine, the prize is expensive goods

A group of NGOs has come up with a unique way of removing vaccine hesitation among the people and promoting the vaccination campaign. Not only is the vaccine kept free for him, but if you get lucky, you can also win gold coins, bikes, washing machines and many household items in prizes.

Opportunity to win attractive prize on vaccine & nbsp;

About 50 km from the city of Chennai, Kovalam is a place of scenic fishermen. The main occupation of the settlement of more than 16,000 people is fishing, tourism and water sports. However, life has not been easy for the village and the epidemic had a tremendous impact on its residents. According to people, there were not many cases of Kovid-19 in their village, but their livelihood was damaged. Tourists stopped coming, sports activities were banned and there was no way to organize a surfing festival to attract crowds to the village. Misinformation and rumors spreading rapidly on social media also spoiled the situation.

Unique idea to promote vaccination

In partnership with CN Ramdas and Shiraz Trust, STF Foundation formulated a two-way strategy to give a boost to the immunization drive in the village. The first short-term incentives such as mobile phone recharge and a plate biryani and long-term bumper prizes like lucky draw were offered in attractive draw. The facility of transporting and transporting villagers to the vaccination center was also given free of cost. A token and receipt was provided to the person who got the vaccine to be used for the bumper lucky draw later. NGO’s campaign paid off and 640 out of 6400 eligible people were successfully registered.< / p>

Apart from that, the first dose of Kovid-19 vaccine has been applied to more than 200 people. NGOs hope that as the news of lucrative reward spreads in the village, the number of registrants will increase and the entire eligible population can be vaccinated as soon as possible. A helpline number has been issued to the people so that their list can be prepared for vaccination. Currently 100 doses are being applied daily and the number is expected to increase further. Partner NGOs and the Department of Health are planning to place the beautiful coastal settlement and surfing hotspot on the map as model vaccination villages.

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