Skin problem may occur after recovering from corona, know symptoms and prevention

After getting infected with the corona virus, the body becomes very weak. Our immunity also becomes weak, due to which many problems start to arise. After recovery from Kovid, cases of mucormycosis i.e. black fungus, white fungus and yellow fungus are being reported in many people. At the same time, now many people are having skin problems after recovering from corona. Doctors say that people recovering from corona are also experiencing candidiasis, acne and various types of bacterial infections. Know their symptoms and prevention.

White fungus and oral candidiasis
Experts say that immunity remains weak during recovery from corona. In such a situation, if there is any kind of fungus in the environment, then it can affect you. There have been many cases of white fungus which are related to candidiasis. This fungal infection is caused by yeast. There have been cases of oral candidiasis in many of Kovid’s patients. In oral candidiasis, white patches start appearing on the mouth.

Symptoms of Oral Candidiasis

sore mouth

White patches inside the mouth

Redness and pain in the mouth

loss of taste in mouth

cottony feeling in the mouth

Mouth ache while eating

Candidiasis prevention

First of all you should see a doctor.

Cleanliness of the mouth should be maintained.

Brushing or rinsing should be done after taking steroids.

After recovering from Kovid, replace the toothbrush.

Due to taking high dose steroids in Corona, many people are facing the problem of acne on the face. Due to weak immunity, white colored pimples appear on the face. The special thing is that they are not like ordinary acne. These are called comedonal acne, they look like small and white warts. They can also occur on your chin and forehead or your entire body.

acne treatment
Experts say that even after recovering from corona, you need to pay attention to the changes happening in your body. If there is any problem or any infection is visible on the skin, then do not ignore it. Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics, oral contraceptives or even surgical treatment for this.

Bacterial infection
Many people are also facing the problem of bacterial infections like boils, pimples. In such a situation, it is important to take the right treatment with the advice of a doctor.

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