Online portal showing the availability of hospital beds for corona patients in the country started

New York: The American Indian community and a group of professionals including doctors from India have launched a first of its kind online map. In this, real-time information will be given about the availability of beds in hospitals in India. Its purpose is to provide important and timely information to the patients of Kovid-19.

Dr. Rajesh Anumolu, who lives in Washington, said that ‘Project Madad’; by ‘help maps.com’ India’s first nationwide map showing real time bed availability information in hospitals.

will give specific information about the bed in the hospital

He said that this portal uses a unique algorithm to extract information about hospital bed availability in every Indian city and state for government and private hospitals from all major online websites.

citizens have been seen in hospitals asking for help on phone and on social media

Project Madad said in a statement, ‘‘Indian families fighting COVID-19 are struggling with proper care such as oxygen supply, ventilator or availability of beds in ICU.’’ It said, ‘‘In order to find a hospital bed across the country, our citizens have to call every hospital or make an appeal on social media.’’

This website will provide real-time information

This website will provide relevant and real time information such as name and location of the hospital, availability of ICU beds, ventilators, oxygen supply, non-oxygen beds etc.

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