In Varanasi, a 125-year-old got the corona vaccine, had reached the vaccination center alone

Varanasi: Putting aside all the hesitations and rumors about the vaccine, a 125-year-old man in Varanasi has got the Kovid vaccine. Swami Sivananda reached a vaccine center in Durga Kund on Wednesday and as soon as he showed his Aadhar card, the medical staff was shocked. His date of birth is 8th August, 1896 on the Aadhar card, according to which his age is 125 years.

The medical staff was hesitant in administering the vaccine, but Shivanand had no hesitation. He insisted on getting the jab and got his first dose. Shivanand, a resident of Kabir Nagar Colony of Bhelupur area, had reached the vaccine center alone to take the jab. He waited for half an hour at the center and then went home after getting vaccinated.

Sivanand does all his work himself

Sivanand does all his work himself and does not take help from any family member. He is now hoping to get a second dose of the vaccine next month.

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