How long will you be protected from corona after taking both doses of the vaccine? Know the answers to all the questions

New Delhi: The largest weapon vaccine of war against Corona is being used on a large scale in the country. That is, the Corona vaccine is being applied to millions of people every day in the country. So far, around 21.58 crore people have been vaccinated across the country. At present, the University of Oxford University and Serum Institute’s Kovishield, Bharat Biotech’s Kovaxin and Russia’s Sputnik V have been approved.

Two doses of all these vaccines are being applied. The Central Government has given different differences between these two doses of Corona. Like 12-16 weeks gap between two doses of Covishield, 4-6 weeks gap between two doses of Covaccine and 21 to 90 days difference between two doses of Sputnik V.

In the midst of all this news of vaccine, the big question is that for how many days do you get the strength to fight the corona with the vaccine. That is, after taking both doses of the vaccine at the appointed time, how many days will be safe from the corona.

How long does it take to get immunity after taking the vaccine?

According to the World Health Organization’s Doctor Catherine O’Brien, immunity begins in the body from the week after taking the first dose. But after taking the second dose, the immunity becomes even stronger.

How long does immunity from vaccine last?

According to scientists, it is not yet clear how long the immunity remains after taking both doses of the vaccine. According to Dr Katherine, we do not yet know how long the immunity made from the vaccine lasts, it will take some time to get complete information about it. He said, “We are watching the people who have got vaccinated. We are seeing that these people have immunity over time and this keeps them away from the disease. So we really have to wait for some time, so that we will know how long the vaccine is effective.”

As far as information is available, after two doses of Pfizer vaccine, the effect of the vaccine lasts for six months or more days. Similarly, after the second dose of Moderna Vaccine, the antibodies remain for six months. The Kovidshield vaccine that is being administered in India. Due to this, the immune system can stay for a year or more. He said, “We can say that whatever body of Oxford’s ChAdOx1 technology is being used in the vaccine, the anti-body made from it can last for a year or more.”

Does the new variant weaken immunity made from the vaccine?

New variants of Corona are coming out all over the world including India. According to reports, the vaccine is effective against both the B.1.617.1 and B.1.617.2 variants. According to scientists, after two doses of vaccine, one booster dose will also be required.

Bharat Biotech, which makes vaccines, has also started trials of booster doses. The booster doses are given to the participants in the trial six months after taking the second dose. All of them were given the second dose of the vaccine in September and October last year.

At the same time, according to the report published in the New York Times, two studies have found that after the vaccine, immunity remains for one year. It is also expected to last for a year. This means that both those who recover from the corona and take the vaccine dose will not need the booster dose of the vaccine.

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