Green tea can help combat COVID-19, claims Indian-origin researcher

Can Green Tea Prevent COVID-19?

he added, "We investigated natural compounds that are already known to be active against other coronaviruses. For that computer program was used with the help of artificial intelligence." Mohan Kumar emphasized that research indicates that a compound present in green tea has the ability to fight against the corona virus that causes Kovid-19. The application requires a lot of work.

Despite being an early step, prospects in the future

The researcher said, "Our model predicts that the most active compound is gallocatechin, which is present in green tea and is easily, accessible and economical." Now further investigation is needed to know whether it is safe and effective in the treatment or prevention of Kovid-19. In this regard, he claims that despite the initial steps, there is a possibility of helping in the prevention of Kovid-19 going forward.

Professor Andrew Morris of Swansea University said, "This is fascinating research that suggests that natural products remain important sources of the top compound in the fight against infectious diseases." Researchers have now started planning for pre-clinical and clinical research. The results of the research have been published in the journal RSC Advances. Suresh Mohankumar studied at JSS College of Pharmacy, Ooty before assuming the present position at Swansea University Medical School.

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